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ugh...cats........I've been avoiding this post as to keep my ill feelings towards these critters fettered but here it goes... We have two in the house. One is super mellow and laid back (and I think he's mastered the english Paul Vaders post for details) the other one is wired 24hrs a day and if there's something within reach to destroy...she will destroy it!! Our furniture is trashed, my plants are ragged with broken leaves, the constant meowing for attention....aaaaaaaargg!!Hey, I thought these guys are supposed to be independent! I love them both, but HER personality wears me
The snake rooms are off limits to the cats(no if, ands, or buts about it!), although I don't think there's much to worry about with the boy, he's so fat he can barely jump onto the couch, let alone chase something. The only bad thing he does is steal the other cats food!lol oh and the dog food as well!
o.k. done with the rant!
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