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Fear in order of Holy S**t factor 1 to 10, 10 being worst.
10: basements, dark ones. There could be a monster under the stairs
9: windows at night. I live in the forest and someone could be standing out side the window and I can't see them. Really bad idea to have windows in the bathroom.
8: spiders. un-natural to have than many legs. and they bite.
7: bugs
6: SCBA equipment. putting that mask on my face is tough.
5: heights. And yet, I'm a firefighter. See above for a reason not to have a fire in my town!

Those are probably the ones that affect my life the most, although I have issues with deep water, dark water, sea water.... anythig not in a pool. Or even a pool if I am not wearing goggles. Funny that I used to swim competivily(sp)

Oh, and guns. Any kind, rifle,hand gun ,missle. Watch Bowling for Colombine the other day with hubby and cried at the end. They make me twitch. This could explain why I don't travel much. Worried about others around me carrying guns. Not much of a concern on little old Vancouver Island
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