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Big Scott, I really like the nail in the head idea!!...that'll learn 'em!...hee,hee!

Linds, I'll be super ticked if the pics DON'T turn out...I took about half a doz. from different angles, they'll be up soon... I hope you're right about the numbers rising....the parks and parks offices in the Tobermory area do have bulletins teaching about the Mass. and how to deal with it when encountering one. I think this helps with the preservation.

Syst3m, I see your point and I think there ought to be more education these days especially when it relates to endangered species. One thing I've learned about the Mass. is that they're venom is not terribly potent and judging by the reaction of the bite some people are not even treated when bit....another important thing to note is that the Eastern Massassauga is NOT an aggressive rather run(slither), sit still, or warn you with a rattle if it has been discovered. I was hovering around the one I took picures of for around a minute and he just rattled.
As well, many of the bites recorded were people trying to pick them up or poke at them. Most bites recorded were on the upper body. I think if more people were aware of these facts their numbers would not have dropped so drastically.
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