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I've offered to change it, several times now actually. All I want in exchange is a single good arguement. I'm not going to do it on the whim someone who is unable to articulate what's wrong with it. I gave those examples to illustrate how foolishly subjective and arbitrary it is to ask that my avatar be changed when many others are potentially more offensive. I have many feeding pics like the one Lisa uses for an avatar and I get way more reaction with those from non-herpers than with the "bird" picture. I don't have any problem with the feeding pics but some will be offended or grossed out. There are other avatars on this site featuring people free-handling hots, some might see this as an endorsement of a dangerous, irresponsible practice but should they be asked to remove them (you know, for the children)? Maybe avatars should be limited to simple pics of herps that aren't feeding or just the smiling faces of members (and not their bratty albino kids). Or maybe we could act like adults and not be so touchy and quick to react to something so silly and benign as a joke pic (guess you don't want to see the one where she's drowning the bunny, eh? JK!). I'm still waiting to hear why my avatar is any worse than any of the examples I've given or how a first grader may be harmed by the knowledge of how to flip people off (which they all do, let's be honest). If someone can do either of those things I'll be happy to change the pic, otherwise I think it should stay until those who complain about such silly things learn to back up their complaints and demands with some thought and reason, so far there has been any of that. If you have something to say then spit it out but for God's sake make some sense when you do.
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