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lots of great names!

My cats names are:
Socks(was already named)
Joee( was already named)
Maxwell(Maxwell smart cus he's so smug)
Princess Aurora(Aurora thinks shes better then the Queen)
Mr.Bogjangles(Bo is a big goof and only has one eye)
Zek(already named when we got him)
Iris(we named Iris after the Goddess of the rainbow?? I think)
mama kitty(cuz she had babies when we resuced her)

My dogs names are
Fork(don't ask me)
Satan(my dad named Satan)

My snakes names are
Ball Python-Lestat (BP)
-Meave (means intoxacting)

Red tail-Nathara (means snake in African)

forgot my horse Pipper!! oops
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