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LMAO funny how cats always seem to land those names!
I gotta steal your cat's name if I ever get male Linds! That's too funny!

shoulda named her dammit since thats what we call her most the time........should be the universal name for cats...dammit get over here!!!! lol........
HAHA It likely is the most popular nickname for a cat... that's how it started with me, my cousin gave her to me because she had 2 really young girls and got tired of vacuuming the cat hair off the furniture, floors, ceiling, and kids. Carrie said her name was "Abigail" which I thought *was* kinda cool, I'm a King Diamond fan, but it turned into "Dammit! Get the hell out there!" and Get of the table, dammit!" it was soon "Dammit! Dinner's ready!" lol

She spazs out big time too... I have this long low chest of drawers under one of my windows, with a box for her to sleep on/jump up to the window from, she came tearing out of my bedroom and hopped up on a box of computer paper that I left in front, but from an angle, and she's so fat that she couldn't get all the way up and butt I swear swung like a pendulum... she fell off, shook her head, GLARED at me, then tore off again... I suppose it was my fault really LOL
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