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My personal opinion is just trying to keep a tiger as a pet is abusing the tiger (let alone in an apartment). Do u really think tigers would choose to be our pets? I think it is horrible, and what will happen to the tiger now? Unfortunately, he can never live in the wild, which is where he would be happiest. That is the sad part.
Do you think herps would choose to be our captives/pets/collections? Its no more horrible on this particular sense.. Besides according to the last few post, the animals will be just fine. Why would an animal who has never been in the wild be the most happiest when he has no idea what it's about? How do we know they enjoy, diease, parasites, unrandom feedings and so forth? The cats we have seem pretty happy to me...

Even if the caiman was only 5' 280lbs or 180lbs alike is a rather fat animal.. It'd be a bit for me to even believe it was 100 lbs at 5'

It's my mother's cat.. But yea..
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