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LOL linds cats are so silly!!!

It's not my cat but it's in the same house. It's name is Dumb A$$ very well deserved name also. I live in the basement along with my reptiles. And the cat lives upstairs with his owner. We have to becareful and make sure the door is shut at all times or the sneaky cat will come down a few steps then theres a hole that leads to the ceiling that he goes to and hides Until the time is right. We've caught him a few times in our gecko colony (75 gal. tank). Luckly he never has hurt or eaten anybody but he did try to catch the house on fire once. He knocked the heat lamps onto the couch. Yikes, luckly my boyfriend got home not to long after he did it. He really earns his name Dumb a$$!!!! but ya gotta love him.
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