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Long list

This could take hours, so let's begin!

1.1 blood reds Daytona and Rasberry
1.1 normals Seth and Strawberry
1.0 snow Starch
1.1 aner Cujo and Peppercorn
0.1 normal Sweetcorn

0.1 yellow rat Snapdragon
1.0 greenish rat Elvis
1.0 glades x black Spruce
1.0 grey x corn (frosted corn) Flake

0.1 mex black Purity
0.2 abberant, hight yellow cals, Deega and Sunshine

1.0 mid baja Miles
1.1 chocolate Hershey and Ginger (she's on the loose though)
1.0 intergrade George
0.1 coastal Claire

1.0 sand boa Stickle (has 8 kinks in his back)
0.1 eastern garter Lass
1.0 BCI Slippers
0.1 albino green burm Kaali

0.1 beardie Octavia
0.1 iggie Duquesa

1.0 het bliz leos Kansas
0.2 het bliz Piglet and Foxy
0.1 tremper albino Abby

0.1 snow white cockatiel Crystal
1.0 albino budgie Marshmallow
0.1 grey tiel Shanti
1.0 white/blue budgie Hudson
2.0 ringneck doves Primero and Segundo
0.1 Rattus rattus Titania

I think that covers everyone that has a name. Damn, I can't remember people's name, but I got to keep all those straight and Vanan's too! YIKES!

Plus a whack load of snakes and lizards unnamed that need naming. I plan to have all my herps named.
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