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Thanks guys!!

Lisa, if I wished for that, then I definately didn't get what I wished for! it's amazing what 0.5% can do to you!

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday and got awesome gifts. From Rob from arachnomania, I got an emperor scorpion and from Pixie, I got a chaco golden knee tarantula sling and stripe knee tarantula sling. Woo hoo!!!

No one really knew how old I was turning though... my aunt and uncle wrote "Happy 16th birthday!" inside of their card, my great aunt wrote "Happy 14th!" in hers and my grandmother wrote "Happy 15th BIrthday!" in hers! Aah well, it was still fun! Hehe but I was really just 11 going on 18

I'm about to head off to school now... supposedly the gang's got something extremely annoying and embarrassing planned for me so I'm <i> kind of</i> excited for that... but not really..
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