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I know every one fears somthing but I have not found mine yet.
I fear no animal I respect anthing that can Kill and eat me. But I do not fear them.

I love hights I am a freak when it comes to water sports almost kiled my self last summer on a tub attached to my dad's Bayliner boat me and My sister went out and I braught the tub well did she ever make me regret that move LOL.

when it comes to fears I have a bad habit of jumping in head first and facing them or dispite all the kicking and screaming get trown in by familly and friends.

I was 12 and fell out of a tree a busted my wrist real good I had to be sedated to get it placed well after every thing was placed and the cast was on 3 days later I went up the same tree cast and all in a sling and jumped on the exat branch that I fell from just to show the tree I could beet it one hand behind my back.
(I was 12 I was not thinking strait I swear.)
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