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Ugh! The bed! Where all the dirt, superworms (yes he opened a latch and let loose several hundred supers in to the house, which are now turning up as beetles ) and other such delights end up. Bah! I swear the cat is immune to me screaming at him at this point. He's such a suck too. If I try to leave the room he grabs on to my legs and bites. If I'm ignoring him (ie- talking on the phone, etc) he viciously attacks me (rabies). Used to do it too when I was sleeping but he got over that eventually and now usually sleeps. But he has to sleep on me or on my pillow, and sometimes if he wakes up he will start eating my hair He always wants to be held like a baby and gets frustrated if you don't, he leaps in to your arms all the time... I swear he would never walk anywhere and would just be carried around like a baby for the rest of his life if he could I have a 33 gallon with spiny mice in it, he jumps on top and they jump up the ladders and climb around on the screen top to play with him....lmao! They are fearless little rodents!
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