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deep water that I can't see the bottom of, complete darkness, any insect with to many legs, like linds I would like to own a tarantuala but am afraid that my fear will get in the way of it's proper feeding and care, being restrained while I'm laying down, if i can't move I will completely flip out, cars absolutely terrify me but I can ride in one; I refuse to drive and never learned how!, things I can't see, like the little spooks that seem to "haunt" my house, and if I feel like I'm being watched and no one is there, I get terrified so bad I can barely breath.......which isn't good since I know my house is haunted, mirrors in the dark, if I feel like people are staring at me.

My partner is afraid of....................

the movie "The Exorcist" she came bolting in here creeped out!, clowns, suffocations by sleeping bags (when she was about 5 she fell asleep in a large sleeping bag, got turned around, ended up laying on the opening, woke up and couldn't find her way out because she was laying on the opening), getting caugt in a car thats on fire, being pushed into deep water, having her wrists touched becasue her cousin would run after her with scissiors and threaten to cut her veins out when she was little (nice huh?),alot of blood and dark basements, looking in the mirror and seeing shadows (or other things), and seeing shadows where there is nothing to make the shadow, clausterphobic.
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