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Thanks to those who replied.

Magazoo was okay.
Reptile Amazone was a nice store, good selection.
Bio-dome needs a change. It's always the same.

A story about while I was in Magazoo... A guy and his wife/girlfriend came into the store. Probably in their 30's, and they were the "biker/party" type. The guy was asking for snakes that are tame, and that won't ever strike or bite. The employee shows him a Ball Python. The guy asks if they are the type of snake you can wear around your neck. The woman with him says "you can bring it to parties". He asked about their size etc. and then asked what else they had that was tame. The employee showed him 2 Jungle Carpet Pythons. He said they were more active so they weren't best for putting around your neck, because the guy had asked again. When the employee told him how big they'd get, the woman again said "you could bring it to parties". At this point I was glad I had seen the whole store because I had to leave or I was going to start yelling at someone. I wouldn't be surprised to hear about these two people in the news sooner than later, and not in a positive way!
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