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spiny mice???? I know what you mean, we could give her every toy imaginable (sp?) only to come home and find that she has tipped over the change jar and tried counting the change "her way" or that our socks are out of the drawers,or that our rabbits hay feeder is knocked on to the floor with all the hay every where, of course though that means she would have had to try and taste the hay, so it's everyelse to, like on the bed!!! only our cats name is Teagan (tee-gun) about every couple of hours at night the rest of the people in the house hear...........teagan get down! TEAGAN GET DOWN NOW!!!!!!! etc......etc......and usually around 2-7 am she does this.......I agree jay76.....shoulda named her dammit since thats what we call her most the time........should be the universal name for cats...dammit get over here!!!! lol........
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