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My cat spends most of his time in the room due to the fact that one of the dogs thinks its his mission on earth to kill the kitty and another of the dogs is terrified - soon as he sees the cat he runs under the nearest pieces of furniture growling and snarling and the cat chases him and corners him, and has been bit and still doesn't learn. He gets to run around the house when the dogs are outside or locked in a bedroom, but he doesn't like to stay out for much more than an hour at a time.... he ends up back at my door wanting to go back in. He has an abundance of cat toys, and he plays with ALL my stuff , and also plays with the spiny mice... they love playing with him too! He also gets to go in my parents room for hours at a time whenever I need him out of my hair for cleaning or whatnot. Their room is enormous.....the entire half of the upstairs.
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