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Heh.. My 6'-7' gators are around 160lbs.. Thats one fat gator, and the two year old bengal at a heavy adult weight already doesnt seem logical to me.. Great story though, I wouldn't tap on an apartment window wih a tiger inside..

Hell at least he wasnt abusing the animals he probley took better care of them then they will get now
If over feeding an animal isn't abuse sure, great care.. The tiger looked great, and the gator, Im sure looked damn near like a fat snake.. Oh wait.. The care for thetiger doesn't seem right.. I'm sure the animal isnt getting proper Illumination, I wonder how the vitamins are cared for and distrubited, I'm sure the apartment isn't 10' high, I didn' think couches and tvs were proper housing furniture, The tiger wasnt secure, and are apartments in NY a minimum of 400 sq. ft? I doubt the animals were properly cared, and if the story is true, especially about te gators weight and size, Neat. Plus, how can anyone pass the smell and grunts of a tiger? Almost seems farfetched..

Max and Suma..

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