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Originally posted by MouseKilla
Now she has a cat but at first we had to explain why we couldn't keep him in an aquarium like the snakes.
LOL why not?

<img src="">

Originally posted by eyespy
Public speaking, spiders, and rubber. Yes, rubber! I have an anaphylactic allergy to natural rubber latex and the sight of balloons, rubber bands, etc. can send me into a panic and also the hospital.
You have reason to fear the rubber though. LOL... used to know a guy that had an irrational phobia of foam!!! Any kind of foam, foam packing, foam cups, the kind of foam you put in cushions, etc.....lmao!

Originally posted by fateamber
I'm scared of big parots!
Yes! I always hated having to do anything with them at work. Some of them can easily take snap a finger clear off Not like many other animals where you can avoid most bites with certain handling techniques... if they are gonna bite you they are gonna bite you! I have a scar to prove it.
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