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Interesting stats, Invictus. I wasn't aware of any connection with crime rates and elevation.

I posed a similar question to a friend of mine a few years ago while he was studying zoology. At the time, I was inquiring about possible links between home range altitudes and lung morphology in chameleons. Chameleon lung structures vary considerably from one specie to another and consequently is one of the prime criteria used when classifying them into genera and species.

It was my opinion at the time that there may be a connection between volume and complexity of the lungs and relative air density of their preferred habitat. Lungs with higher capacity or greater surface area should correspond to higher altitude ranges. The zoologist friend informed me that a fellow student of his was working on field research regarding that very topic. As yet, I haven't been able to review the results. I'm not sure if the data has been compiled and published yet.

At any rate, this little theory keeps making my brain itch and every once in a while I like to run it by others to get some different perspectives.

Kinda makes you think, don't it?

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