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I absolutely think there is some truth to barometric pressure causing behavioral differences, because I've seen it even in humans. Ever notice that places at lower elevations have much higher crime rates than places at high elevations? Look at Ottawa. Highest crime rate in Canada, only 300' or so above sea level. Calgary - voted safest place in Canada to live, 4000' above sea level. Hmmmmm.... another example. Houston - sea level. High crime. Denver, CO - 9000' above sea level. VERY safe place from what I've heard from some old friends of mine who lived there for a while. I may be wrong on these ones, because I've never lived in the states, but maybe there is some validity to it after all...

It has been proven that people at high elevations have up to a pint more blood than those at low elevations. More blood is required because of the lower oxygen - the body reproduces more blood cells to compensate. Maybe the same is in reptiles, and there is a direct correlation between their behavior and the amount of blood in their system.

Good topic, Wuntu Menny.
- Ken LePage
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