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Long reply!

The emerald tree boa was the first snake I ever loved. I got this card from Diary Queen from those kids meals and kept the card with me for a while, telling people this is the snake I want. I like emeralds, both the snake and the stone, as they are both green and the emerald is my birth stone. I was probably in gr 4 when I fell in love with the greenest snake in existence.

Burmese pythons are the first snake I had a lot of contact with. When I first move to Vancouver, there were these two guys who used to take their albino and normal burm outside for people to handle. They used to let me play with their big burms and many people took photographs of me with them. I left my burm fascination for a while when I learned of all the care that goes with them. Then I fell in love with Sarah. Corey Wood's albino green/patternless burmese. I had to have one, and so a year later, I finally was able to purchase my own girl! And tonight I may be getting an albino to go with her.

My first snake was the eastern milksnake. A dull brown gray snake, but truly beautiful in my eyes. I would love to have more them and would like to see them more popular. They are unlike any other tri-color.
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