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Oliver Reptile Expo

I went to the expo yesterday! Was my first one, and it was so awesome. I actually expected there to be more vendors, but it's a small town so I can't complain. I thought there was actually a pretty good turnout.
DNA reptiles was there, and one of the guys was telling me all about the snakes and everything, and he let me hold a bunch of them. It was awesome. Got bit by a cali king, and I actually expected it to hurt more than it did. I almost couldn't even feel it.
The whole thing was pretty neat for me because I knew almost all the vendors. There was this one guy though, who was telling me about a caimian, and he said it was a baby crocodile. It was pretty funny because I knew more about it than him. He was one of the guy's friends.
But yea, it was so awesome. Saw Tim (timandjulieB) and that was cool. We talked about a bunch of stuff, and then I bought a really neat little rat snake!

After we went home I was kind of pacing around... and I asked my mom if I could go back to get the OTHER rat snake from tim. She only agreed because I told her I wouldn't get any more animals for a year. (i'll try, I really will!) Went back, but it was sold, so I went back to DNA reptiles' table. Long story short, I was talking to him about why I was back and stuff, we were just chatting, and then he said I could have a $60 Cali King for $30! It's got such awesome colouration. Its a high yellow, and has a 'zipper' pattern. Very cool. It's so bright, and it's even in shed right now, so i'm sure it's gonna be a screamer. Their other snakes were awesome too.

Sorry to bore you with all the details. Lol, I just had so much fun, and I had to tell someone! I'll borrow my friends digicam and get some pics of the new snakes for you all. I'm definitely going next year!
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