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I dont think its good that he got attacked and I think people who said that its good and "about time" are plain old stupid. How can you support someone bein' in critical condition after being attacked by his pet, his trained pet... We all have somethin' in common, all of us own wild animals. Sure, most are captive bred, but all animals have instinct, no matter what size. We all take the risk of bein' bitten, attack, jumped on ( I'm talkin' about all animals ) and some of us take a bigger risk and take in more dangerous animals or animals that can cause greater damage. So if you say " it finally happened" or somethin' about Steve Irwin bein' bit... you really dont know what you are sayin'.... if Steve Irwin wouldn't know what he was doin'... he woulda been dead by now... and he clearly states that things should be done the way he does it... Please, smarten up... Roy listed in critical condition brings joy... the hells wrong with you people...
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