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well all you need to do is stop working 60 hours a week and start working what you are paid for tell your boss if he want's you for the extra 10 hours to pay you. You are human and have rights you dont work for free. That is 10 hpurs you could be geting payed for at a part time job so if he wants you to pay you what you are worth.

And dont let all the nice deals tric you and your wife I worked at wall mart part time and you see they play you like a flute they give you all the chances and opertunaties in the world. But you need to wait 3 monts well 3 monts is a season and they just lay you off and on your dismisel papers the reson is stated you were just a seasonal worker and no longer needed.

There for you busted your balls for 3 monts hoping to get thows benafits to better your family life style and you get scrued royaly when that 3 month comes around.
and the reason they don't have unions is because if they fall behind in there lay off schedual and the 3 monts passes well then tey are forced to keep you till you royaly mess up and even then they no longer diside who they can or can not fire.
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