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We read the post when it was fresh, and then went out herping in memory of Ken.

When we were new to the hobby, he introduced himself to us fairly quickly. I was always amazed how much we had in common, inside and outside of herping.

For 3 months, we have been meaning to call him - hadn't heard from him lately. Katt, Vanan, and us were going to phone him together, to tell him he needed to come out to look at the bullsnakes with us.

For as tough a guy as he was, he sure was helpfull and friendly.

He took my constant jokes about his age very well, and even though I probably went over the line a few times, not once did he get offended.

If Ken can read this "looks like I'm winning the pituophis competition now, eh Kenny"

Even though we never met him in person, we will really miss him.

Ryan and Sheila
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