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Oh No..,
this is just about as bad as it gets people..
Being an old schooler, it hardly feels dignified to respond in this way, but then Ken met and had lots of friends on-line.
Kenny, which only I got away with calling him (Big Ken to most of you)
was a terrific guy! He enjoyed life and lived life to the fullest
He fought for what he beleived in and what he thought was right, and we should all remember... Kenny had excellent morals
and he had the "right idea" about, herping and life in general.
I considered him a colleage, a great all round guy
a great breeder, and a fantastic contributor to Canadian Herpetoculture.
He fostered and supported the new kids,(you know who you are) and was never afraid to back up his feelings....

We've lost someone very special

Fondest regards..
Uncle Roy
Herpetology - more than a hobby
It's a Lifestyle
celebrating 26 years of herp breeding

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