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I don't remember being enamored by snakes when I was young. Except maybe king cobras, which may have come from so many G.I. Joe toys and what not. But My stepfather had an iguana before and we had little crabs for a while (get your mind out of the gutter) as well as all sorts of cool fish.

I really remember an iguana that was kept on display in the children's section of the main branch of the Edmonton Public Library. I used to watch him as much as I could.

I really liked the little lizards that I saw while on vacation to Florida and Jamaica. Someone told me they were geckos.

Anyway, I had never even thought of getting a reptile as a pet until my girlfriend said that she had always wanted a snake but was never allowed to get one. We only have one snake right now but that will change soon. I spend a lot of time reading about snakes online and now I want to get other herps too.

I have heard it before but it truly is a hobby that turns into an obsession.
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