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*lots of pics!!* Trip to the Ophiological Services, Inc. Farm & New Snake

Today I made a trip up to Eugene and Cindy Bessette's snake farm ( All I can say is: WOW!!! I have never seen so many snakes in all of my life. Here are only a few pictures that I took.
Some of the snakes that they had:
Ghost, Pastel, and Normal Ball Pythons
Brazilian Rainbow Boas
Dumerils Boas
Common Boas (only a few)
Jungle Carpet Pythons
Diamond/Jungle Carpet Pythons
Albino Burmese, and 1 very large normal burmese
Normal and Snow Corn Snakes
Milk Snakes
Grey Banded King Snakes
Green Tree Pythons (tons!)
2 Northern Emerald Tree Boas
Borneo Short Tailed Pythons
+ other species that I'm forgetting at the moment. Eugene told me that they have about 10-20,000 snakes on their farm. It is three large house fulls of snakes. They have rows and rows of racks and large enclosures (some racks pictured below).
They also have two cute Jack Russel Terriers
Okay, now for the pics:

I went to Ophiological Servies with the intention of purchasing a female borneo short tailed python. Well, before I got to see the Borneo's, I fell in love with one of the Brazilian Rainbow Boas. So, I decided to take the BRB and get the Borneo STP next time (which will be next month!). I have decided to name her Olivia, and let me tell you..she is the nippiest snake I have ever come in contact with! She makes me think of a WC ATB!! She is so adorable, though, and he tags don't hurt too bad. I am hoping that with a little handling she will "tame" down a bit. Here are a couple of pictures I snapped of her before she decided that attacking the camera/my hands was more fun that just sitting there. I will take more later, after she's settled in a bit.

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