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OMG! No! I knew I should have called to find out when he told us he was going for checks cos they suspected cancer in his throat and he didn't call for months after that. I still remember how he was telling us about his breakup and how he's hanging in there. But now I feel wretched that I couldn't have spoken to him after he found about his cancer being confirmed.

Ken was the kinda guy who stuck with what he believed in and maybe protected it somewhat fiercely. But his heart was always in a good place when it came to his animals. We shared his interest with NA colubrids, especially, hogs, coastal plain milks and eastern milks. I wish I had got to know him more as we had only started talking over the phone after his breakup. Wish we had had a chance to meet him in person. But I guess that's never gonna happen.

Even though I never got to speak with you again after that last call Ken, me and Katt won't forget you. Hope there's enough eastern milks up there buddy. RIP BIG KEN.
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