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Ken Taylor has passed - Please Read

Yesterday a good friend of mine passed away. Ken Taylor was an avid herper and bred some of the most beautiful snakes I have ever seen. Ken was the one who helped me out with my first pair of snakes when I decided to start pursuing this hobby more seriously. Ken was always there for me if I had a question or needed help medicating a sick snake but he was also there if I needed someone to just talk to. Ken Helped me through a lot of stuff. I found out Ken had passed when I went to his house to return a container he let me use to transport my new pair of Apricot Pueblan's that I purchased off him the day before and that is what made it the hardest for me because I talked to him before he died but I guess I should be thankful that I got to see him one last time. I would like anyone who has met Ken or known him for awhile(even if you haven't met him if you could pay your respects it would be greatly appreciated) to please post your memories, stories or anything you can think of about Ken Taylor.

Thank You Everyone

Steve Semerko

RIP Ken Taylor

As a tribute to my friend I have also decided to name my Apricot's Ken(or Kenny) and Taylor so I will always have something to remember him by.

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