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im surprised to see a few other people scared of horses!!!
i havent had any bad experiences with them, but one pushed me off a wall once! lol
first it started with me thinking they were disgusting, i hate the way they have those horrid sticky out veins on theyre legs!! and smelly nasty noses...... :: shudder :: now they scare the crap outta me!! we were at this neato chicken farm the other week, buying little pet chickens, and there was a horse in a shed which i didnt see, i was happily walking along the path and it stuck its horrible head out of the window and did that horrible horsey snort at me!! i couldnt stop shaking!! ew...

im not scared of heights, you could sit me on top of a 1000ft pole and i would be fine! but i hate it when people (or me) stand near the edge of cliffs!! it feels like the ground is just crumbling away EEP!
im sort of clausterophobic, i hate it when spaces are so small you can feel you own breath?? against your face?...
ohh! and when those looneys got "pot holing"?? in those tiny caves?? and the ones filled with water? i nearly puked last time i watched a show like that! so god damn scary!!
long post.... ill shuttup now....
oh yes! i may be wierd... but this wierdo comes with new, improved Live Journal action!
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