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Lock Your Doors!!

Today i thought it would be a normal day at the reptile shop, browsing through and then purchasing some feeder foods. Have a talk with some buds and all. I decided to buy a IJ carpet python he's so cool!!

After that i left for my car and <b>SOMEONEs in the passenger seet</b> (at this time i knew it was a thief and all i could feel was rage). I ran over with bags and a box in my hand, droped it and pull some guy out of my car, i didn't say a work i just kept punching him repeatedly. His tools droped, screw drivers, flatheads, what ever i didn't pay attention to it. I put him in a head lock and dragged him over to the curb and gave him a nice kick. That damn punk desearved it. Funny how people driving by didn't stop to help him, even pedistrians watched.

Argh... i kinda feel real good about it. Though im still pissed. He nearly stole my car. I had 100$ in the glove compartment, luckily it was locked. He was about 6' tall and im kinda glad he got his *** whooped, i'm 5'7.

my nuckles hurt... well i've learned a lesson, LOCK YOUR DOORS!
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