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At first, you'll be takin' it slowly and ****, but eventually, you'll be rippin' it across da streets and stufff... here in canada, its illegal to drive on the road, also depends on what cop you get nailed by... if dats how its run where ever you are, then if you see a cop, run dude, no jokes.. they'll book you with seriouis fines... take my word and any other riders word... I used to own a cottage... and up north, there aint many people who care about quads 'cause most either have a bike or a quad... but the boidem there is pretty bored and they'll stop you jus' to do checks and stuff... i in turn book it, 'cause i aint riskin' a punk for a cop givin' me a tciket where i can avoid it.. :Pi know i shouldn't be sayin' that, but still

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