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I ride a '03 Kodiak Ultramatic. Machines got balls for sure. I'll tell ya one thing, whenever I go mud diggin', the flippin' chainr skips its teeth and the accelartor skips... for that reason, its a peice of ****... Its happened to me twice allready and I've gotten really mad. I've riden the Banshee and an older Warrior and I'll tell ya, anythin' with sport suspension and manaul tranny is fun as hell. My ride before the Kodiak was a Big Bear ( notice the Yamaha trend ). I do prefer liquid cooled, but I mean what isn't liquid cooled these days... The raptor I'm more then possitive you'll love... what more do you want with 660 cc's in da badboy... you can put NoS into 'em... I've read an article in Dirt Wheels about how they put 'em in... crazy **** for sure

Keep us updated dude... I wanna see some rooster pics... maybe some endos?

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