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Mucuous membranes have more immune system protections such as T cells and lymphocytes than protein, so the odds of aspergillus growing in the membranes is very small unless it's an immunocompromised individual. Most of the time when you find aspergillus in nasal swabbings it is in the process of being flushed out of the body by increased mucus production, rather than recently inhaled stuff. Aspergilosis is normally a result of inhaling or ingesting whole colonies of the stuff at a time rather than just inhaling stray airborne organisms.

Yes, it can grow in almost any substrate in small quantities, but soils and mosses are the ones that provide the most fuel for it to develop into colonies capable of pumping out mycotoxins. It actually does grow on newspaper and any other paper product, but not in amounts that tend to threaten healthy animals. There isn't usually enough protein in paper products to support more than a few generations of the stuff so the growth is self-limiting.
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