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How many of us bought snakes they wanted when they were little kids themselves?

I know...i know..strange question eh?
But honestly, howmany of us have bought snakes or reptiles that we,
when we were little tikes, wanted and adored and longed for?

Some animals stick in your memory, example: The vast majority of people that purchase Eastern Indigo Snakes from me REMEMBER them from when they were little and were ENRAPTURED by these fine serpents.
I myself was *SMITTEN* by the following species:

Eatern Indigo Snakes: Saw them in the lLittle golden Book of Reptiles(The Grail) when i was but 10 years old. They said they were tame, beautifull and rare. They left out the MESSY part though. lol! I have 8 now...go figure.....

Rubber Boas: Again that darned Golden Book of Reptiles. they said the things felt like RUBBER, were slow moveing and NEVER bit.
I LIKED that last part. No biting. I have had 2 or 3 but they never thrived,I now have one that is bulletproof.

Eastern Dimaondback Terrapins:
In the back of my turtle book for my(OF COURSE) red eared sliders they had apicture of this magnifcent turtle. I remember it like testerday, good trick since i am *** years
I will get some this year.

So thats mine....share with us all YOUR childhood"Hit list " for snake,lizards and turtles, tortises!!


Fred Albury
(Aztec Reptiles U.S.A.)

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