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Well I did a class presentation

I went to my sisters grade 6 class with my Ball python. handed out some sheds and only 2 kids in the class were afraid of the snake, the rest were like "me me I want to hold the snake" I let everyone that wanted to touch the snake. I even got the teacher who was afraid of snakes to hold the snake and one kid took a picture of her for the class wall. Its good to see that most of these kids didnt already have a ingrained fear of snakes. I would have brought the other snakes in but I wouldnt trust them to go around a class room without stressing and biting someone they want me to comeback another time but I want the second time to be better then the first any suggestions?

Ps Some of the kids knew something about snakes that impressed me quite a bit One was asking about Af rocks and why they were so "mean" I thought that was great

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