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My Next Purchase!

Hey everyone! I just got the "ok" to get a quad! But I have to save up which I think is fiar. Right now I'm making enough too feed my snakes with like 20 extra a week......BUT when I turn 16 I'm getting a job at petco and SHOULD be making around 100-150 a week I think.

My choices are between the Raptor 660, YFZ450, or the Banshee....all Yamaha. I figured out it would take me 7 months to save up 3 grand on a pay of 100 a week as long as I dont spend it.....but I will be using 20 for food probably. So it will be awhile.....but hey everything good doesnt come quickly

Which do you like the best???

The Raptor660(My favorite of all quads).

The YFZ450.

The Banshee

Let me know!
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