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I'm afraid of:

Suffocation (I don't like my throat being touched at all, I can barely wear a choker for a few seconds without gagging, and I can't wear turtlenecks)

Deep Water (I won't swim in a lake...I have an issue swimming in an area where I cannot see the bottom, partially due to a fear of drowning, and wondering what's lurking in the depths.)

Heights (I was recently able to finally get onto a step ladder, my fear is severe)

Small Spaces (Claustrophobia)

Spiders (not tarantulas)

The Dark (yeah I know, I'm a big sissy)

The End Of The World (Nuclear War, Meteors, etc.)

Elevators (I think I saw Speed too much *L* Most likely to do with my fear of heights)

Clowns (hence the reason why "It" REALLY creeped me out. When I was 4, I was at McDonald's and Ronald McDonald came up to me asking my name, I just bawled and hid behind my mother.)

Knives/Swords (I'm comfortable around them so as long no one is holding them, even if a trusted person is holding one, I cringe or sometimes even run out of the room. I wouldn't mind collecting them when I have more dough. )

Death (And on the other hand, I'm fascinated with fire and guns. *shrug* )

Isolation (no family, no friends, nothing)

I used to be INCREDIBLY afraid of needles...I cured that phobia by getting my first tattoo.
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