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I am 26 years old and deathly, mortally fearful of spiders. It's the kind of paralyzing fear, the kind when you see one and suddenly you can't move, or it's too close and you're scrambling back and over things. Now, I think I'm fairly reasonable about it, the teeny ones don't bother me nearly as much. It has to be bigger than a quarter or so.

Someone posted extreme closeups of a black widow to another forum I read a while back. I stumbled on them by accident and just about had a heart attack. The fiancee (now wife, actually) of a good friend of mine's parents' house was just infested with fiddlebacks (brown recluse, I believe) last year, and they wouldn't do anything about it. We're talking just randomly crawling past on the wall. I freaked. Majorly.

Tarantulas bother me a *little* less. I think the fuzziness helps a bit. My brain goes 'oh, it's fuzzy, it must be ok' when the rest of me is going 'eeeeeeeeeek!' I still don't think I'd be able to have one. The presence of it in my home/possibility of it escaping would have me in a constant panic attack.

You should have seen me the day I figured out tarantulas are indigenous to Oklahoma. Heh.
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