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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Bryce Masuk
[B]I can Only sleep When its PITCH Black

Same here Pitch black and no sound. If not i'm up forever tossing and turning.

I don't have too many fears but my HUGEST fear is driving in the snow. I seriously lose it. a few years back my i lost control of my car in the snow and went down a 10 foot embankment, luckly i wasn't hurt but scare sh!tless. I had to climb out of that thing also, which was very hard to do when your shaking like mad. Ever since then i cry the whole way to were i'm going with my hands stiff on the wheel and my eyes peeled on the road. Doing 5mph. LOL

As far as animals go i would have to say the only animal that scares me are emu's those scary things. Had one sneak up behind me and snatch a cone out of my hand and bite me. OUCH!!!!!
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