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For one thing I doubt that on any medical diploma on the wall is the name ...Dr Jay76...or...Dr Eyespy..or..Dr Chas* too paranoid....I understand those persons position(legal backlash from Lic boards), I really do but.....but my point is ...This will be a forum for the members who DON"T have or work in the Vet field...just for us dumbies (who make up 99.9%) on would like to discuss medical problems with our Reptiles without costing us a trip to a Vet. The point is that, a great many medical problems that arise DO NOT warrant a Vet trip or bill.....please no offence attributed to this statement....but it is true...If an animal is sick and needs medical care , I would be the first to advise this, with mine or anyone else's....I am not a Vet nor a tech but there are a great many of us who own and care for more reptiles than any Vet or tech has ever seen. Isn't our input worth something.....

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