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No Mykee, no complaints at the burger shop. No MS Word ethier. If you read the back posts you would know that. Shouldn't have to appologize on every post of the same thread. I'm glad to see so many (by no means all) people are thinking this is "cute" and how children learn these things whether we want them too or not. Just like at work, its always someone else's fault/problem. Let's not take ownership and be proactive about stopping soceity's degrigation of morales and values. Just throw your hands up in the air and say "oh well, they'll learn it anyway", "well all the teens are drinking, what can I do about it", "all the other kids' parents let them do it". Then walk away. That'll help. When this topic is presented to an average cross section of the population (I don't know if this surprizes you but it most definately surprized me) what Mousekilla's avatar represents is offensive.

Mousekilla. Yes I would greatly appricate your changing your avatar. Could you please? I cannot express efficently what I would need to say to qualify my statement in full. My background is not as MD. I amagine you know some people that are. Ask them. I'm sure they would have no problem enlightening you. (or take an unbaised third person, omnicent view of this topic. Either way you should get your answer)

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