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I'm not afraid of fire in itself...I'm afraid of fire in the sense of being burned to death, or losing loved ones, or my home to it. Forest fires also tie in to that. Not scared of controlled fire though... I used to play with fire a lot as I was growing up.....hehehe o> :firestart

Originally posted by reverendsterlin
I've been in 'situations' with animals where I was scared, but don't think the animals themselves scare me.
LOL... makes me think of when I was a kid. Think I was around 5. The one and only time I was scared by a goat. I was scared of both the situation and the animal. I was at a zoo and they had goats and chickens loose all over the place. This one little goat was running after me....had this big red pussy growth on the side of its neck that was the size of its head....freaked me out and I ran as fast as I could......straight in to a big tree!
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