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For my snakes I use newspaper, paper towel, or bath towels. All work great. The leos get the papertowel as well. For my tortoise, snails, and frog I use peat chunks. As Roy mentioned, a bonus in using this substrate is that you can safely feed on it, unlike most other loose substrates. Because it is so acidic, it resists mold as well. I kept my rainbows on sphagnum for all of 2 weeks. I hate the stuff in that application. Its too messy, and it's impossible to spot clean.

Originally posted by chondro python
to have 85% humidity is one thing but to have condensation I think that only hapends affter 100% humidity.
I am going to have to disagree here. Condensation can be caused by numerous things. It can be caused by temperature, ventilation, or where the evaporated water collects. Condensation can definitely occur in drier environments as well......far from 100% humidity. Have you ever noticed on windows in buildings during very cold weather how sometimes you will find condensation on the windows? This is due to temperature difference on either side of the glass. This can occur in 30% ambient humidity. Several of my enclosures have condensation, none of the ambient humidity levels ever reach 100%. The moisture doesn't escape quick enough due to controlled ventilation, so it gathers on the sides. Condensation is not necessarily a bad thing. All depends on the situation and cause.

Originally posted by Stockwell

I currently keep only dry species and have them all on Alpha or Beta chip made by Nepco . Not sure if you have a supplier out your way, but these are lab grade particulate substrates.
They can be spot cleaned, and I also feed on them..everything except small newborns...
I'm quite surprised they would use a product like alpha chip in any lab settings due to the fact that it is made from softwoods. All softwoods contain phenols which have been proven to be the cause of such problems as respiratory problems, neurological damage, and liver/kidney damage in small animals and reptiles. This issue would no doubt have serious consequences on any testing the rodents would undergo, since their immune system and ability to process would be compromised.

Originally posted by Steeve B
Rainbows do exelent on oak leaves litter, just try it and see!
I've never heard about this nutrient-rich substrate being used for snakes...but I did try to find some for my millipedes. Now one would assume it would be easy enough to find! I went all over the place, parks, forests, everywhere.....came back empty handed
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