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Originally posted by icequeen

Anyway...I have never seen anyone as afraid of spiders as her. She bursts into tears every time she sees one...even daddy long legs!
LOL daddy long legs are the scariest ones!!!!!!!!! Hahaha I could've probably taken the cake for the worst fright several years ago... I used to go in to a complete shock..... couldn't move, speak, do anything I was so scared....completely paralyzed with fear......then I progressed to the freaking out part.... I couldn't even look at pictures or be in the same room as a I'm proud to say I've gotten myself to the point where I can feed and water a tarantula (no guarantee I won't panic and jump back if it moves) and pick up those white spiders or jumping fact I had a whole colony of those white spiders keeping me company in my car for the past two years
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