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Some of my fears include:
- seaweed (you never know, there could be a finger or something caught in it )
- spiders (completely irrational, I would love to have a trapdoor spider or a mexican redknee but I'm afraid my fear would interfere with its proper care)
- fire
- afraid of heights in that I always feel like I'm gonna throw myself over the edge if I stand to close and get that funny feeling and weak in the knees, but love being high up
- water (oceans and lakes are the worse, even swimming pools give me the willies sometimes... first movie I ever remember seeing was Jaws... I was two years old... can you blame me?)
- stick bugs (too many times was I startled as a kid thinking they are actually sticks)
- like Marisa, if I have to sleep by myself I cannot do it in complete darkness... I can't see the boogie man if its pitch black and nobody is there to protect me! )
- cyclists (drunken or not) on roads when I'm driving (a recently aquired fear)
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