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I actually have quite a few phobias. For animals:

1) Spiders. Terrified of them. Can't explain why.
2) Horses. I saw someone get kicked square in the face by a horse when I was young, and have been scared of them since.

Other misc. Phobias:

1) Teletubbies. They are serial killers, I swear!!! And what the **** is with that baby in the sky???? AAAAAHHHHH!!!! SAY NO TO CRACK! YOU END UP INVENTING SHOWS LIKE THIS!!!!

2) Heights. I plan to go skydiving to cure this one.
3) Suffocation. Of all the ways to die, this is the one I fear the most. Which brings me to another animal one:
4) Bees and Wasps. It's not the insects that scare me. It's death by asphyxiation that scares me. See above. (btw, I have an anaphylactic allergy to insects.)
5) Deep water. I plan to go shark diving to cure this one. But this probably has more to do with #3 above as well.

I think I'll end it there before people start to think I'm just a big p**sy.
- Ken LePage
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