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Mousekilla, if the way that you articulate and express yourself is an indication of how this little girl also does (assuming she is your daughter, sister, etc.) then she is in good hands, and I believe has a great start on life. What's ironic is that those of you who are touting that this is unacceptable, or ethically wrong or immoral, leading to a degenerate lifestyle, need only look at their spelling mistakes in their posts. They lack the intelligence to realize that kids need to be 'well rounded' whatever that means. I learned the 'f' word at a young age, and quite honestly, my dialog is riddled with vulgarity, at the right time and place. Vulgarity does not make someone less intelligent. To the contrary, those who do not use vulgarity are often terribly closeminded Vulgarity does not make someone stupid. Stupid comments make someone stupid. BTW, I find your avatar oddly amusing.
Piebald; it seems that you are the type of person that complains if your burger has too much ketchup on it at McDonalds too, eh?

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