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Lord Kovacs,

Again, I hear the message that this will have some negative effect but I still have yet to hear what that may be specifically. I also take issue with the idea that there are "proper" words to use when expressing oneself and also that swearing necessarily means there is an absense of thought. This is intellectual snobbery. Please children, use thou only the Queen's English. Sometimes flipping the bird is the most accurate and concise way to express how you feel, not the least bit vague. I am by no means saying that it is always appropriate (she has been instructed by her parents that certain words are not for the classroom). I do believe in expanding vocabulary, whatever that might mean, we cannot afford to arbitrarily cut words out of our language. How many of the most important books in the history of mankind would be lost if we were to apply the random moral sensitivities of the given day to them? NO Bible, NO Tom Sawyer... the list could go on for pages and pages and with each shift in popular values the list of conforming "proper" books would need to be revised. I could rant for hours on this but I'll spare you all....for now. LOL!
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